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If you are a fan of alternative music that has spanned many years and a variety of genres you will love the music from Edie Brickell. Her career has spanned several years bringing us some of the sounds we all enjoy and recognize from a variety of movies, television shows, singles and more. Her soulful sound has become the basis for the groups she has participated in starting as far back as 1988, carrying her all the way through today.

With music and a voice that certainly brought music together Brickell has songs that span Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Folk Rock, Jangle Pop, Jam Rock, New Wave and more. Following Brickell on our site you can quickly see how her career took shape, follow it through several years of success in the industry which led to recordings for a variety of media. You can enjoy the recent collaboration Brickell has enjoyed with some other well-known names you will certainly recognize. Stop on by and learn more about the career of Edie Brickell and follow her amazing journey from her college days through what she is doing now.